Embrace the World in High Definition

Experience unparalleled clarity with our Window Cleaning service in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Transform your views and interiors with our streak-free, professional window cleaning.

Ready for Sparkling Clean Windows?

Embrace the World in High Definition

Experience unparalleled clarity with our Window Cleaning service in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Transform your views and interiors with our streak-free, professional window cleaning.

Ready for Sparkling Clean Windows?


Beyond the Surface

The Long-Term Impact of Dirty Windows

Dimmed Natural Light: Dirt and grime can significantly reduce the amount of sunlight entering your home, affecting your mood and energy levels.​

Impaired Views: Stained and streaked windows mar your view of the outside world, diminishing the beauty of your surroundings.

Potential Window Damage: Over time, accumulated debris and hard water stains can cause permanent damage to the glass.

Brighter Days Ahead

Elevate Your Home with Spotless Windows

Enhanced Brightness and Mood: Clean windows allow more natural light to fill your rooms, uplifting the ambiance.

Pristine, Unobstructed Views: Enjoy clear views of the outdoors, as if there were no barriers between you and nature.

Long-Term Window Preservation: Regular cleaning prevents the buildup of harmful substances that can etch or damage glass over time.

Our Window Cleaning


Comprehensive Inspection and Clean

Before any work begins, we inspect each window for damage and provide before-and-after photos to showcase our transformative results.

Inside and Out Precision Cleaning

Our team meticulously cleans both the interior and exterior of your windows, including screens and tracks, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Advanced Cleaning Technology

Utilizing the latest in window cleaning technology, including the T-bar and squeegee method and the RODI system, we deliver spotless, streak-free results.​

Your Vision, Our Mission

​​Specialists in window cleaning for homes of all sizes in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

​Equipped with the finest tools and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to protect your windows and health.

​A proven track record of impeccable cleaning and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

We know how important clear, bright windows are to the feel of your home. It's not just about the look; it's about how your space makes you feel. We're dedicated to restoring the beauty and clarity of your windows, letting you enjoy the full potential of your home.

Your Path to Crystal Clear Windows

Book Your Service

Reach out to us, and we’ll assess your windows' condition, discussing any specific concerns or needs.

Customized Cleaning Approach

Choose a service that fits your home’s size and specific window concerns, including additional treatments for hard water stains.

Revel in the Results

With your windows, screens, and tracks cleaned to perfection, bask in the enhanced light and beauty of your home.

Unlock a New Level of Clarity with Our Window Cleaning Excellence

What Sets Our Window Cleaning Apart:

Thorough Pre-Cleaning Inspection

We begin with a free inspection to identify any potential issues, such as damaged windows or troublesome hard water spots. This ensures a customized cleaning plan that addresses your specific needs.

Comprehensive Cleaning Beyond Glass

Our service goes beyond just the windows. We meticulously clean the interior and exterior, including screens and tracks, for a complete refresh that elevates your home's overall aesthetic.

Advanced Cleaning Techniques

From Inside

Inside, we utilize the precise T-bar and squeegee method for streak-free results.

From Outside

Outside, we employ a brush machine for screens and the RODI (Reverse Osmosis Di Ionized) system for the glass, ensuring a gentle yet effective clean without damaging your windows or leaving residues.

Transparent Pricing for Transparent Results:

​Just $397 for homes under 2000 Sq Ft with less than 15 windows.

​Only $497 for homes under 2500 Sq Ft with less than 25 windows.

​A mere $597 for homes over 2500 Sq Ft with more than 25 windows.

Offer valid for a limited time. Terms and conditions apply.

Specialized Treatment for Stubborn Issues

For an additional $25 per window, we offer targeted removal of fluorescence and hard water spots using Muriatic Acid and hand cleaning, restoring your windows to their pristine condition.

Elevate Your Home with Pristine Windows

Our Window Cleaning service not only improves your view but also protects your investment by maintaining the integrity of your windows. With our expert care, you'll enjoy clearer views and a brighter home, all while preserving the condition of your windows for years to come.

Limited-Time Offer

Don't let dull windows dim your home's sparkle. Book our Window Cleaning service today and step into a brighter, more inviting home.

Transform Your Windows Now

Contact us to schedule your free inspection and embark on a journey to crystal-clear windows. Let us bring the outside in with our unparalleled window cleaning service.

At California Pressure Washer, we recognize your desire to live in a home bathed in natural light, with views unmarred by dirt, grime, or water stains. Achieving this means having windows that are not just clean, but meticulously cared for. The obstacle of maintaining such clarity, especially with the challenges of hard water and environmental debris, can feel daunting. We believe in the transformative power of clean windows—not just for your home’s aesthetics, but for your overall well-being. That’s why our team is committed to offering a Window Cleaning Service that goes above and beyond. Here's our process:

1. ​Detailed Inspection: We start with a thorough evaluation, preparing your windows for a comprehensive clean.
​2. Dual-Technique Cleaning: Our inside-out approach, including specialized methods for screens and tracks, ensures every aspect of your window is addressed.
3. ​Spotless, Streak-Free Finish: Using advanced cleaning technologies, we guarantee results that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Book your service today and take the first step towards brighter, cleaner windows. Meanwhile, explore our portfolio of success stories and envision the transformation awaiting your home. Say goodbye to compromised views and hello to crystal clear vistas that invite the outside in.